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All our design and modeling work, is done with Keycreator which allows us to produce drawings and images      of high quality, these images can be used for advertising before the item is produced to test the market or for illustrations.      If a client is in need of a in house cad programme we have no hesitation in recommending STS Australia to supply      Keycreator and the manager is Barry Dyson who takes a lot of care in looking after his clients ... we would not deal      with anyone else. If one needs training to get started with Keycreator in the Lithgow,Bathurst and Orange area      we offer a service to do the same, we can come to you or you can come to us, I think it is better to do it in your workshop,      as we can start the training with some of your products. As we do drawings and we also offer a service of getting part or product costings ... usually we get five quotes per item from      Australian suppliers ... most times we find the Australian prices are competitive with overseas if one takes into      consideration import charges, insurance, transport, quality and reworking of non compliant items. Types of design and drawing work ...   
Concept Design ............ Part Drawings ............... Assembly   Drawings .... Procedural Drawings .... Toolmaking  Drawings ...
A client may have an idea for a item but is unsure of the method and cost of manufacture,    so a design using that type of manufacture selected is produced, and images if    necessary to evaluate the concept. Some times it is more advantageous when doing the initial design to sit with us and we can    model it in front of you so that you can make immediate changes to suit your    vision of your concept. Can be done from parts or rough sketches ... parts can be toleranced, materials specified,    finish required, method of manufacture and be used to manufacture tooling,jigs and moulds. Part drawings can be done as single operation, one sheet for each operation, or all details    on one sheet. The advantage of single operation part drawings that you only supply    enough information on each drawing sheet for an employee or subcontractor to do that    operation ... this disallows any person from collecting total data about your products. The advantages of tightly specifying data about parts can not too highly stressed, we have     many clients who complain about faulty components especially when imported, we ask     the client did you have written specification ... most times the answer is no.  Email and fax allow a client with drawings to obtain quotes easily for parts from all over the world.  Part drawings are needed to make Assembly Drawings, on complex products     Sub Assembly Drawings can be done , leading to a Assembly Drawing, but for only a few     parts an Assembly Drawing will suffice. Drawings showing how to assemble and  disassemble moulds, dies, machines and etc.     Exploded drawings showing parts in order of assembly.     Drawings showing how to load jigs and fixtures for welding, riveting,bolting and etc. Drawings for Plastic, Lost Wax, Rubber and Die Cast Moulds, Press and Form Tools,     Jigs and Fixtures, Prototype Parts, Special Purpose  Machines and much more.                         ,